On Sale Now: Bloggers Boot Camp Second Edition

The second edition of Bloggers Boot Camp is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and bookstores everywhere. It’s published by Focal Press, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.

John Biggs and Charlie White
John Biggs, Charlie White

Bloggers Boot Camp is a critically acclaimed book written by seasoned online journalists Charlie White and John Biggs. The book is fueled by their decades of experience in online media.

In its first edition, the hot-selling book has already shown thousands of writers, editors and promoters how to succeed in the competitive world of online publishing. The second edition builds on that success, and has now been expanded to more than 100,000 words.

Who are these guys? John Biggs and Charlie White have been writing articles and posts online since the beginning of the Internet. They know why blogs fail and why they succeed. They have extensive experience in many forms of online media and feel it’s time to start sharing some of their expertise with other prospective bloggers.

In this book, they show you the ropes. They reveal how hot sites like Mashable, Gizmodo and TechCrunch work their magic to attract millions of readers every day. They show you how they create our own microblogs and gain hundreds of readers overnight. They show you to the way to success, navigating the inexplicable calculus of audience, content, and reach.

This second edition of Bloggers Boot Camp keep all the coolness from the first edition, and adds everything its two authors and editors have learned since the last edition hit the shelves three years ago. In Internet time, three years is like thirty years in less innovative fields. So much has evolved and changed since they first penned the original Bloggers Boot Camp in 2010 that they had lots to write about.

Bloggers Boot Camp Second Edition book shot

First, they’ve added a new chapter that will interest many of you: how to get a job at a big blog or website that already exists, using the knowledge you’ve gained in this book to hit the ground running at a high-traffic, major-league website. They show you how to build your brand, spread the word about your new adventures, and make that leap from one career into this new world of always-on communication and personal expression.

They write about how blogging has gotten even closer to the mainstream media, making the divide between them almost imperceptible. They show you new ways to get your blog online and find the best designs for your blog, introduce you to new ways to use photos and graphics, and show you how to integrate podcasting into your media empire.

One of the biggest growth areas has been social media, and there’s a great deal more about that in this edition. Biggs and White reveal techniques they’ve learned for promoting your work on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other platforms that can make a post explode. They talk with experts to give you further insights into leveraging social media into your blogging strategy. And they warn you of the dangers of social media, alerting you to the booby traps they’ve seen too many great writers fall victim to. They even have three key rules for spreading the word, and a new Golden Rule of Blogging that you’ll want to always remember.

At the same time, as they did with the first edition of Bloggers Boot Camp, they teach you the most important skill of all: how to write for blogs and online publications. More specifically, you’ll learn how to write content geared toward today’s readers, and they’ve gathered boatloads of new tips and techniques for that, discovering to an even more refined degree what works and what doesn’t.

Are you ready, private? Welcome back to Bloggers Boot Camp. It’s now available online and in bookstores worldwide.

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