50 Writing Errors

Writing Errors

Writing errors make you look bad. We’re here to help. We’ve seen a lot of grammar problems, clichés, awkward usage and just plain awful writing tics in our time, and so we’re on a mission: We’d like to cleanse the Internet of all its amateurish writing.

But writing about grammar and usage is precarious. What if we get something wrong? What if we use a cliché while slamming cliché usage? We’re on thin ice. What if we start a paragraph with “but?” We’ll take that risk with a boatload of tips that is by no means complete or exhaustive.

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The Two Rules


Ignore these two rules at your peril. Understand that blogs take on a life of their own, and if your goal is to blog to make money, or you are blogging as an extension of your interests or job, these two rules—part of what we would call a “blogging plan”—are absolutely paramount.

Blogging is a job. It may be your second job, but it is a process that takes hard work and discipline. We have been blogging for a decade, and it’s a constant struggle as well as a source of constant reward. Our days begin at 8 a.m. and end whenever the last news item flickers across our screens.

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